Learn French in Tayac is fun

The aim is to gain the skills and knowledge to be able to communicate comfortably in French.

Lessons are normally arranged  in the morning or afternoon.  Refreshments, tea and coffee are served throughout the lessons.

We can help you learn French while discovering the village of Les Eyzies and its history. We can meet you at a local restaurant for Lunch, or have a coffee somewhere nearby. There are many cafes and restaurants, and shops within walking distance of Tayac

Immersing yourself into daily life in France, engaging with the locals are the best ways to become fluent in French.

Monday morning is market day in Les Eyzies so why not walk to the market, enjoy the atmosphere,  maybe buy some fresh food for your lunch and your stay in the cottage or the B&B. We will come with you and help you with your French!

We are happy to recommend and book any activities for you. We can also help you with hiring a bike or a car.

Local guides are available

Afternoon teas can be served and picnic hampers can be prepared if booked in advance.

You can sample local delicacies in the main residence.

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