Tayac and the region

Welcome to the Périgord, the Land of Aquitaine, in the Vézère Valley

  • Tayac


    The hamlet of Tayac

    Our property is situated in Tayac, a small  but very picturesque hamlet just 10 minute walk from the centre of Les Eyzies. Tayac is one of the oldest villages in the Dordogne region. Tayac is historically extremely rich. Our Prehistoric ancestors, but also the Celts, the Romans and the Gauls all left their markings on the area.

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  • La Vézère

    La Vézère

    La Vézère

    The Vézère river flows in a beautiful valley, where men and women settled 400,000 years ago. Some of the best known and amazing prehistoric sites await you. The valley is listed UNESCO heritage.

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  • La Roque St Christophe

    La Roque St Christophe

    La Roque Saint-Christophe

    Halfway between Les Eyzies de Tayac and Montignac-Lascaux, in the heart of the Vézère river Valley, is La Roque St Christophe, a refuge built in the cliffs thousands of years ago. You can witness human traces from the Paleolithic Age to the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance. A truly magnificent site, 1 km long.

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  • Le musée national de préhistoire

    Le Musée National de Préhistoire – The National Museum of Prehistory

    The National Museum of Prehistory of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac

    Witness the birth of our civilisation and discover a unique collection of 18 000 pieces dating from the Paleolithic Age, the first hunters and gatherers in the Aquitaine region, to the Glace Age. View the resin copy of the skeleton of the 3.2-million-year-old “Lucy”.

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  • L'église de Tayac - the church of Tayac

    l’église de Tayac

    The church of Tayac

    In the early 12th century, 6 Monks from the Monastery of Paunat were travelling; when one of the Monks became very ill, they set up camp in Tayac near a water source. The monk was dying, but miraculously healed after drinking the water from the “Tayac Source”. To the Monks of Paunat this was a “Sign” and round 1123 they started building the magnificent and fortified church of Tayac and called it ” St Martin “.

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